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Jan Moore

Art by Jan Moore

Pismo Beach, CA


Welcome to my world of art, the things I've seen and the places I've experienced. I am an artist, living on the central coast of California, who enjoys painting and photography. I retired from California State University, Bakersfield, in 2001, after 27 years of service. My husband and I began traveling in 2003, and I began my career in the arts on November 1, 2010. I have spent the last few years developing my style; taking workshops under a few outstanding plein air artists; and continuing to visualize great scenes for painting. My husband, two daughters and four grandchildren will be the focus of my life until the day I die. By this focus and the grace of God, I hope to master the arts in my lifetime. I hope to inspire all ages and cultures of people to focus on their families, their surroundings and their opportunities to experience "the good life."

I enjoy working with all mediums (oil, acrylic, pastels, watercolor). I love using soft edges and pastel colors next to deep rich contrastive tones. My paintings have been described as calming. It seems that is my signature style (soft calming colors painted with abstract, impressionistic and rhythmic strokes). I hope you enjoy my work and will leave comments. Feel free to contact me, if you would like to commission a special work of art. Upon your request, I can post black and white images of any works you see here. For a short time, you will see more photographs posted than original paintings. Take a look often to see my latest works. Photographs are uploaded regularly. My most recent paintings will be uploaded during the summer months. Thank you for viewing my works! -- Jan

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Cinque Terra Italy by Jan Moore


Moments in Sweet Springs by Jan Moore


By the Sea by Jan Moore


Vineyard Landscape by Jan Moore


The Bridge Over Peaceful Water by Jan Moore


Whales and Watchers II by Jan Moore


Boats in the Bay by Jan Moore


Whales and Watchers I by Jan Moore


Red Amarryllis Flower For Mothers Day by Jan Moore


Blooming Pink Plant on Mothers Day by Jan Moore


Happy Mothers Day by Jan Moore


The Red Roof Barn on Route 46 by Jan Moore


Happy Saint Patrick's Day by Jan Moore


Gardens in the Valley by Jan Moore


By the Sea by Jan Moore


Natural Habitat for Coastal Living by Jan Moore


A Stroll by the Bay by Jan Moore


Sea Canyon Gardens by Jan Moore


Bird Frenzy by the Sea by Jan Moore


Anchored on the Crystal Sea by Jan Moore


A Walk in the Clouds Beside the Sea by Jan Moore


Estuary by the Sea by Jan Moore


The Moro Rock by Jan Moore


The London Bridge by Jan Moore


Three Peacocks in the Gardens by Jan Moore


A Peacock on the Bird Bath by Jan Moore


Peacocks in the Vineyard by Jan Moore


A Colorful Peacock by Jan Moore


Peacocks and Peahens in the Gardens by Jan Moore


A Peacock by the Fountain by Jan Moore


Ivory Nude on the Sand by Jan Moore


A Peaceful Fountain in the Garden by Jan Moore


Butterflies by the Sea by Jan Moore


Beautiful Monarch Butterflies at Play by Jan Moore


Monarch Butterfly by the Sea by Jan Moore


Pink Sky Over Avila Beach by Jan Moore


Footsteps and Soft Waves Beside the Rock by Jan Moore


Soft Ocean Waves by Jan Moore


Pink Skies Over the Bay by Jan Moore


Walking Along Together by Jan Moore


What in the World by Jan Moore


Double Take by Jan Moore


Egret Reflections by Jan Moore


Boats in the Bay at Dusk by Jan Moore


A Whale of a Day by Jan Moore


Whales by the Pier by Jan Moore


A Whale of a Day II by Jan Moore


Whale Watchers in Rubber Raft by Jan Moore